Property Audit

Assessing opportunities for reduced cost and increased revenue.

One of our specialised and most valued consultancy services is our Property Audit. We identify additional income opportunities and show how to reduce costs.

It is of immense benefit to individuals and companies with a portfolio of owned or rented property where the portfolio has not been subject to regular, independent review by a suitably qualified and experienced chartered surveyor.

The audit consists of:

  1. Scheduling all property (freehold and leasehold).

  2. Title review.

  3. Boundary and possession review.

  4. Condition report.

  5. Insurance review and reinstatement valuations.

  6. Report on rents payable and /or receivable.

  7. Advice on rent reviews, rent reductions, break options, lease expiry and other caution dates.

  8. Agreeing plan for scheduled and unplanned property management- effectively having Stokes Property as your property department.

  9. Identifying potential income opportunities.

  10. Identifying potential cost reductions.

If there is a possibility that you do not know everything you should about properties under you control or if you require review of specific elements, please contact us.