Professional Services


Stokes Property prepares valuations for a wide range of purposes:

  • company accounts;

  • taxation- Probate, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, etc.

  • legal disputes including family law;

  • secured lending.

Simon Stokes is an RICS Registered Valuer with experience in the valuation of freehold and leasehold interests in all types of residential and commercial property as well as agricultural and development lands. Current clients include corporate and state bodies, lending institutions and individuals.

All Stokes Property valuations are prepared to the appropriate RICS standards (commonly known as “Red Book”. These standards contain mandatory rules, best practice guidance and related commentary for all members undertaking asset valuations. The “Red Book” is issued by RICS as part of its commitment to promote and support high standards in valuation delivery worldwide.

Click here for further information on “Red Book”

If you want expert valuation services: Contact Stokes Property

Property Audit

Assessing opportunities for reduced cost and increased revenue.

One of our specialised and most valued consultancy services is our Property Audit. We identify additional income opportunities and show how to reduce costs.

It is of immense benefit to individuals and companies with a portfolio of owned or rented property where the portfolio has not been subject to regular, independent review by a suitably qualified and experienced chartered surveyor.

The audit consists of:

  1. Scheduling all property (freehold and leasehold).

  2. Title review.

  3. Boundary and possession review.

  4. Condition report.

  5. Insurance review and reinstatement valuations.

  6. Report on rents payable and /or receivable.

  7. Advice on rent reviews, rent reductions, break options, lease expiry and other caution dates.

  8. Agreeing plan for scheduled and unplanned property management- effectively having Stokes Property as your property department.

  9. Identifying potential income opportunities.

  10. Identifying potential cost reductions.

If there is a possibility that you do not know everything you should about properties under you control or if you require review of specific elements, please Contact Stokes Property

Landlord & Tenant

If you are a landlord seeking highest consistent rent with best terms while minimising costs or if you are a tenant seeking to security of tenure under optimal conditions, Contact Stokes Property

We have extensive experience in dealing with landlord and tenant issues including:

  • Advice on new leases

  • Lease renewals / renegotiations

  • Advices on breaches of covenants

  • Rent reviews

  • Rent reduction requests

  • Reference to arbitration/independent expert

  • Assessment of damages for schedule of dilapidations negotiations

  • Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) - mediation and adjudication

  • Acquisition of fee simple (ground rents)

Current work includes dealing with the two-tiered commercial lease market created by Section 132 of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009, which banned upward only rent reviews since 28th February 2010. We advise both Landlords and Tenants on new leases which involve up / down review clauses and often include break options and other inducements.

For more information please see the Irish Statute Book.

For lease renewal negotiations, in the absence of agreement between the parties, we provide independent expert evidence to the Courts. We also value and advise on compensation claims, tenant’s improvements and other issues that arise at the end of a commercial tenancy.

Are you a landlord or tenant seeking best advice and expert representation? Contact Stokes Property

Ground Rents

If you own a property under a long leasehold title you may have the right to acquire the freehold.

We regularly advise on ground rents and the acquisition of freehold or fee simple interests in commercial and residential properties. Both leaseholders and freeholders have availed of our specific expertise and experience in this area. We help our clients and their solicitors in establishing the right to acquire the freehold and then calculate and negotiate the purchase price.

Many of our cases have involved acquiring interests where the freeholder is unknown. We prepare a detailed submission for the County Registrar to assist in establishing the right to acquire and in the determination of the purchase price.

We assist solicitors by preparing title history diagrams for complex cases and we compare old lease dimensions with measurements taken during our site inspection to help piece together complicated title histories.

For expert advice on residential and commercial ground rents or acquiring the Freehold Interest in your property, Contact Stokes Property

Compulsory Purchase

If your property may be the subject of a compulsory purchase order (CPO), you need the best professional advice available to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Statutory bodies and local authorities use Compulsory Purchase powers to provide for improvements in infrastructure and specific schemes of development.

Stokes Property services relating to compulsory purchase include:

  • advising claimants from project inception through to completion;

  • dealing with the acquisition of all property types ranging from farm land, development land, houses, commercial property etc.

  • valuation of lands to be acquired.

  • assessment of compensation.

  • We have dealt with all types of acquisitions for the purposes of roads, rail lines, airports, and wayleaves (gas, water, sewerage, electricity and other utilities) throughout the country.

Our expertise is applied to secure best terms for our clients and where necessary to achieve this by reference to arbitration/assessment or on appeal to the High Court.

Remember- you only get one opportunity to get adequate compensation when your property is compulsorily acquired. Insist on the best representation: Contact Stokes Property

Insolvency/Debt Consultancy

If you are facing insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership, you need expert advice on the property aspects of your case.

Simon Stokes advised and supported the Official Assignee in Bankruptcy (High Court Bankruptcy Office) for several years and has wide ranging experience acting for both lenders and borrowers in dealing with debt resolution, renegotiation of loans, repossession, consensual and non-consensual sales.

Stokes Property provides innovative advice to clients seeking practical and realistic solutions to complex debt related problems.

Stokes Property has a close working relationship with several specialist debt resolution consultants and with solicitors specialising in this area. If you would like to benefit from our experience and theirs: Contact Stokes Property


Talk to Stokes Property if you are a landowner looking to unlock most value from your land or if you are a developer looking to maximise profits. The first and most important step is that we understand and agree your long and short term objectives.

We sell and acquire commercial, residential and mixed-use development sites. We specialise in site assembly and in advising on planning and development issues using in-house expertise and by organising a team of trusted colleagues- architects, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, planning consultants etc.

We can project manage the entire process or form part of the team:

  • site assembly;

  • development appraisal;

  • design and specification;

  • development options and strategy;

  • pre-planning;

  • finance;

  • planning;

  • development;

  • sale / letting;

  • ongoing portfolio management

If you are looking for an innovative approach to maximising the value of your land or the profitability of your development. Contact Stokes Property