Ground Rents

If you own a property under a long leasehold title you may have the right to acquire the freehold.

We regularly advise on ground rents and the acquisition of freehold or fee simple interests in commercial and residential properties. Both leaseholders and freeholders have availed of our specific expertise and experience in this area. We help our clients and their solicitors in establishing the right to acquire the freehold and then calculate and negotiate the purchase price.

Many of our cases have involved acquiring interests where the freeholder is unknown. We prepare a detailed submission for the County Registrar to assist in establishing the right to acquire and in the determination of the purchase price.

We assist solicitors by preparing title history diagrams for complex cases and we compare old lease dimensions with measurements taken during our site inspection to help piece together complicated title histories.

For expert advice on residential and commercial ground rents or acquiring the Freehold Interest in your property, Contact us today.