For the attention of Banks, Receivers and Administrators:


If you are selling as, or on behalf of, a bank, receiver or an administrator, our unique property marketing and online execution will provide a best-in-class service

  • Full transparency

  • Full accountability

  • Full electronic audit trail of the entire process.

  • Blockchain anchoring

Our unique client dashboard provides in real-time a fully accountable, digital presentation of our marketing campaigns and purchasers’ engagement.

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Unique online execution technology of clicktopurchase® - proven to bring speed, certainty, transparency and accountability to the sale process. 

The entire clicktopurchase® execution process, including the offer and legal acceptance stages, are recorded not only in the clicktopurchase® audit trail, but also within Blockchain ledger, thereby providing full trust and security.  

Full flexibility of closure with the ability to select clicktopurchase® private treaty, “best offers” or real-time auction at any stage of the sales process.


An unrivalled quality of presentation to increase engagement with purchasers, whether located near or in a distant location

• Ground photography
• Video
• Aerial photography
• Multiple languages

An unrivalled depth of marketing to our UK and international, registered database, as well as our high online presence.

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High social media engagement and outreach.

Highly cost-efficient marketing and fast delivery to market, with a track record of speedy execution.