Compulsory Purchase

If your property may be the subject of a compulsory purchase order (CPO), you need the best professional advice available to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Statutory bodies and local authorities use Compulsory Purchase powers to provide for improvements in infrastructure and specific schemes of development.

Stokes Property services relating to compulsory purchase include:

  • advising claimants from project inception through to completion;

  • dealing with the acquisition of all property types ranging from farm land, development land, houses, commercial property etc.

  • valuation of lands to be acquired.

  • assessment of compensation.

  • We have dealt with all types of acquisitions for the purposes of roads, rail lines, airports, and wayleaves (gas, water, sewerage, electricity and other utilities) throughout the country.

Our expertise is applied to secure best terms for our clients and where necessary to achieve this by reference to arbitration/assessment or on appeal to the High Court.

Remember- you only get one opportunity to get adequate compensation when your property is compulsorily acquired. Insist on the best representation: Contact us today