We use clicktopurchase® to provide our clients with a superior service.  It is an agent-operated transactional platform for buying and selling property online (online property execution). It provides the facility for a legally binding clicktopurchase® exchange of contracts (Digitally Signed) to be conducted electronically as part of the sales process. If an agent chooses, these clicktopurchase® offers can be concluded by online binding "best offers".  The platform also provides for real time auctioning with a live auctioneer interating with a bidding audience, as well as Artificial Intelligence auctions where the auctioneer is “gAbi”.

clicktopurchase® provides high level online security, using digitial encryption to create tamper-proof electronic documentation.

Stokes Property is part of the Singer Vielle Network which has been a pioneering user of the clicktopurchase® platform.  The Network has experienced the speed, ease, transparency and accountability the platform has brought to the property transaction process. 

Blockchain provides a significant addition to clicktopurchase® with all transactions and actions now being recorded in an immutable ledger.  

It is widely reported that Blockchain technology is likely to have a greater impact on our lives and business than the rise of the Internet. We are excited to be so engaged with this revolutionary technology at such an early stage.

Those involved with clicktopurchase® transactions at Stokes Property will be able to find their recorded transactions by searching using their digital wallet ID.  

Artificial Intelligence Auctions operated by “gAbi”

Click here to learn how to participate in a clicktopurchase® Artificial Intelligence auction

Solicitor Start to Finish Guide

Whether you are acting for a seller or a Buyer, clicktopurchase® makes your job easy.

Click here to view a full start to finish guide

Vendor Start to Finish Guide

Should you decide to progress with a sale by clicktopurchase® click here to view a full start to finish guide.

Purchaser Start to Finish Guide

If you are a buyer and would like to find out more about using clicktopurchase® click here to view the full start to finish guide. 

Two Factor Authentication at clicktopurchase®

Two-factor authentication adds a further layer of security to our platform, view the guide here.

Video Tutorials

How to register on the clicktopurchase® widget


How to access the Legal Package


How to complete the verification process


What happens if you are asked to supply an Initial Deposit before making an offer?


How to submit a clicktopurchase® offer


What happens when my clicktopurchase offer is accepted


How to withdraw a clicktopurchase® offer


How to bid in a clicktopurchase® auction


How to see your digital signature

How to find your way around the clicktopurchase® Blockchain


Dashboard view for Sellers

This tutorial shows how a seller can sign into the Dashboard to see activity
relating to the property they have for sale by clicktopurchase®