Online Real-Time Auctions & Binding Best Offers

At Stokes we offer the flexibility afforded by the clicktopurchase® online execution platform, to conclude appropriate sales by online real-time auctions and binding “best offers”.  

Should a property sale move to a clicktopurchase® “Best Offers” conclusion, submitted offers will be legal offers to treat where acceptance results in an instant online legal exchange of contracts.  No offers can be submitted later than the published deadline. 

A clicktopurchase® auction is conducted in real-time, emulating the traditional auction bidding experience but online.  The auction may be operated by the selling agent, or the clicktopurchase® Artificial Intelligence auctioneer. 

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Unique Features of our clicktopurchase® auctions

  • Safe and secure

  • Real-time, live auctions

  • Legal exchange on acceptance of a bid

  • Electronic contracts instantly generated with digital signatures, encrypted and hashed

  • Full electronic audit trail recorded in Blockchain, providing total trust and transparency

  • Ability for submission of online private treaty offers ahead of an auction

  • Ease of bidding from anywhere in the world, easily and securely 

How to bid in a clicktopurchase® Auction

Guide to Artificial Intelligence Auctions at clicktopurchase®

Important Notice to Auction Bidders

Please visit the clicktopurchase® Knowledge Base for Auctions which contains important information you should review if you are intending to bid in a clicktopurchase® auction.  Note: we are not responsible for your failure to adequately prepare for auction.